The easy way to start saving energy and water at home

Our Principles

Safety and health considerations always come first

The user should only engage in saving practices that won't pose a safety or health problem for him, his family, or the community.

Trust from the client is our most valuable asset

We should not engage in any practice that could harm or deceive our clients, like false advertisement, biased or false information.

Continuous improvement of our services

Besides our commitment, we also count on the users for critics, suggestions, or any other feedback that could help us build a better website.

Respect for privacy

We do not ask for credit card numbers, addresses, or even names. Passwords are encrypted, and cannot be retrieved even by us. For more information, please, read our privacy policy

Respect for the user's individuality and particular needs

The user should not engage in saving or recycling practices that make she/he feel uncomfortable. Saving and recycling should be a natural act, not a burden.

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