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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an anonymous guest and a login user?

In terms of the service provided to the user, none. Both have free access to the same features on this site. However, there is a difference in the ability to retrieve the data entered:

- As an anonymous user, a cookie stores your identification, allowing you to retrieve data stored in previous sessions. However, this cookie expires in less than an hour. After that you will be identified as a new anonymous user, and will need to enter new data from scratch.

- As a login user, your data will never be lost or deleted, unless you decide to close your account. So, we recommend the anonymous user to create a free login account before that one hour period expires.

Is it possible to change from an anonymous to a login user?

Yes. You just need to create a login account. The data from your anonymous account will automatically be transferred after you finish registering.

What if I lose my password?

For safety and privacy reasons, passwords are cryptographed using 128 bit SHA1 (US Secure Hash Algorithm 1), and therefore, cannot be retrieved. Still, you can create a new one by following these instructions:

- Go to the home page and click the link [password recovery];

- Enter the e-mail you used in your account and click the button [Submit];

- You will receive an e-mail containing your new password.

Is it possible to change a password?

Yes. Follow these instructions:

- Log in to your account using your old password;

- Go to the bottom of the page and click on the link [Change Password];

- You will be asked to enter your new password;

- Click the button [Change].

How does one terminate an account?

Accounts left unused for more than a year will be automatically terminated. To close it before that, follow these instructions:

- Log in to your account;

- Go to the bottom of the page and click on the link [Terminate Account];

- You will be asked for confirmation whether you want to close your account;

- Click the button [Finish]. Your account will be instantly closed, and all your data will be deleted.

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