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About Us


By examining our group, it is hard to imagine what brought us together. Apart from a mechanical engineer who dreams of building an electric car, another was working with prosthetics, one was studying clinical psychology, another was a neuroscientist in Japan, and talking about extremes, one was producing gasoline in an oil refinery in Latin America! Despite the diversity of our backgrounds, we share a concern that is mutual by an increasing number of individuals around the world: to save money on utilities and give our token of contribution to the environment. In addition, we share the same principles and concepts that having an environmental ideal and sustaining a business can and should be concurrent objectives.

So, unlike the anecdote of specialists trying to describe an elephant by examining different parts of the animal, we hope that, by adding and sharing our different perspectives, our staff can help you see the big picture: the importance and practicality of avoiding the waste of energy and water anywhere.

Why SavvyOnWaste?

We want to offer a website that is user-friendly by anyone who is interested in saving energy and water, from newbies to seasoned conservationists. Moreover, to grow your interest in the subject, we have some additional features (check out More in the Main Menu) so that you can advance beyond the energy and water saving calculator.

Despite our best efforts, we are aware that there is always room for improvement, and we encourage you to Contact Us for comments or suggestions. Likewise, count on us to continue refining this website to help you become savvy on waste.

Our purpose

We don’t expect you to follow SavvyOnWaster tips and become a radical by cutting your shower time in half, but we do believe that anyone can learn something new that may be practiced 'easy as pie' and not a burdensome New Year’s resolution diet that is soon abandoned.

This site is for anyone who wants to take action. Whether you are a parent trying to cut costs to send your kids to college or an environmentalist who needs to save the Earth, either way, you are supporting your ideal while being savvy on waste. From then on, don’t be shy. As the proverb says, “Every journey begins with a single step”. Let’ take this step together and be savvy on waste!

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