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Earth Day Energy - May 15, 2021

All these years but the last two years, instead of celebrating nature outdoors on Earth Day, I was doing my taxes, thanks to the pandemic relief. It is not that I leave everything for the last minute; it is only that there seems to be an eternal line of things that also need to be done by their own deadlines and I never seem to be able to run ahead of this eternal moving line!

Anyway, besides that Earth Day this year fell again on a weekday and, therefore, I would only have been able to go out after work, it was an unusual cold and rainy 5 °C in Boston. So, I was all day home, which makes me feel good about not burning gasoline, consumed by Zoom meetings and thinking if I should get a 52” TV since I need but cannot see 20 people at the same time on my rather tiny netbook screen. Then, instead of destroying the environment with my car, I would be doing with my TV!

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