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Oh Scrap! - July 15, 2020

From time to time, I recycle the metals that I accumulate from various projects and broken appliances. Apparently, I make it look convenient enough that a friend wanted to do it, too. In the process of writing some simple tips and guidelines, I realized that scrapping isn’t simple at all. I settled on explaining it with the proverb of “the more effort in will equal greater reward out.”

This process reminded me why it’s beneficial to recycle scrap metal. Metals last forever. Even in their oxidized forms, such as rust, they can still be made into commodities with far, far less energy than extracting it from ore. In fact, the market value of certain metals is set based on the predictability of the availability of recycled material versus that which must be sourced from ore.

Though the scrapping industry seems to function with a dark, unpublicized, even underground style, and earns a bad reputation when one person’s plumbing becomes another person’s scrap, it is important to recognize and appreciate its benefit to the economy and the environment. You might want to contribute however you can!

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