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The Inopportune Darkness - July 15, 2019

This week, I was out of town at a hotel and continually being annoyed by the light in the bathroom. What it was doing to me was turning on every time I just reached inside to get something. What took me one second triggered the light for what would have been twenty minutes!

Of course, I reached inside again and turned off the light. Moments later, I really needed that light to do something in the bathroom. This time, inopportunely, it didn’t turn on because I had manually turned it off. So, I pressed the button to turn it on. It did not. I pressed it again and nothing. Maybe I repeated this a few times until I realized it was a fluorescent light and the only way to tell the position of the switch was to wait for the sloooow fluorescent ballast to create light.

Eventually, it illuminated and I was relieved that it was not something I had to live with. I had never had to put so much energy into an energy-saving switch!

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