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Reason for Freezin’ - June 15, 2019

Food is expensive, so when your favorite kind goes on sale, it certainly may behoove you to buy lots of it. But then what? Watch it rot, gorge, eat only that thing for all your next meals, put it in a spare freezer?

I have an energy-conscious friend who chooses to freeze, of course, because she already has a spare freezer. After all, this is what people do with expensive foods, such as meats and chocolates, but her big windfall is bread. Immediately, I pondered this wisdom. How much could one save on bread versus the cost of energy to run a freezer?

I am both amazed and disappointed to say that, in all my efforts to conserve energy by buying preservative-laden processed food, I could have been freezing a much healthier reserve for less than $5 a month. Even cheap bread is worth it. My friend has figured out how to keep freshly baked organic bread and natural foods with no need for unnecessary preservatives.

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