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Start up and Go! - March 15, 2019

I heard a car running one night, idling long enough that I thought it must have been someone’s generator. But, then, it drove away! On one recent frigid morning, I heard it running again. I looked out my window and saw my neighbor jumping in, in sweatpants and sandals, and drove away. Both times, it was about 40 minutes of idling. Yeah... we all want Boston to feel like spring!

On another occasion, my contractor and I got to talking for about 40 minutes in the house. When we went back out, he said, “Huh, I left my truck idling this whole time!” For me, it is just automatic that I always have the key in my hand whenever I step out of the car.

I also see others idling inside their cars. Are they checking their phone? Getting the map ready? Does their car still have a carburetor?

Don’t believe the misconception that the car needs to be warmed up before starting to drive. Since the late 1980’s, fuel injection has negated this custom.

Admittedly, I am also guilty, as just two mornings ago, my car looked like one of those bagged frozen shrimps. I idled for about 10 minutes while the ice melted off my car!

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