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Thermal-Retention Potatoes - February 15, 2019

Have you ever thought about how much gas you could save by cooking your rice for 2 minutes instead of 20 minutes? You can do that with thermal-retention cooking.

I really thought I was jumping on the bandwagon of a new discovery, but the concept is probably as old as cooking itself. It is similar to using your Thermos for cooking and not just for keeping your coffee hot.

The concept is to use only 2 minutes worth of energy and retain that heat in an insulated vessel to allow the cooking to be completed, similar to cooking with a Crockpot that uses insulation instead of electricity. Of course, this takes longer than 20 minutes, actually, a few hours. Too long you might say but one of the other great benefits is that these cookers are portable. So, plan accordingly and you will have a hot meal wherever you go and still with significant savings of fuel.

I was very satisfied with my potatoes that I cooked this way. I boiled them for 2 minutes, took a nap, and this time I woke up and they were cooked and still hot. I promised you in Potato Energy (Feb. 15, 2017) that my next potato was going to be energy efficient! It just took two years for that to happen...

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