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Elevatorism - September 15, 2018

The other day, I saw two people waiting for the elevator in my 3-story office building. There are actually two elevators, side by side, and, on this coincidental occasion, each of the elevators’ doors opened at the same time and each person got into their own personal elevator for their own private ride. I don’t think either went to the second floor. So, they probably met again on the third floor, where they finally acknowledged one another, with the obligatory morning office salutations which they had only delayed by taking two elevators instead of one.

I am one of the stair people—someone who takes the stairs because it should be healthier, more energy conscious and, sometimes, actually faster. Though it might not be where a facilities manager focuses their energy savings incentives, I still cast scandalous judgment on those elevator people for not being as green as they could be and I cast even deeper judgement judgment from the psychologically revealing selection of who rides with whom.

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