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Fantastic Boat Cover Plastic - May 15, 2018

Spring has finally arrived in Boston and it is time for boating! I am helping my Dad wrestle the tarp off the boat, while I see the neighbor cutting his boat’s white shrink-wrap cover into pieces.

I was thinking how these white shrink-wrap covers have become the trend of the present day. They fit snuggly and really keep the boat impermeable from snow and leaves accumulating over or getting under it. If you live where it snows, an icy clump of snow and leaves stuck in the folds of a the tarp really becomes messy when you uncover the boat, while the shrink-wrap remains pristine white throughout the entire winter. The shrink-wrap has also the advantage that when it is time to winterize the boat again for the season, you won’t need to recruit your entire family to struggle with a tarp because you can hire a company to shrink-wrap your boat.

But, with Earth Day 2018 “End Plastic Pollution” fresh in my mind, when I saw the neighbor throwing the pieces in the trash, I got quite alarmed. I was wondering if that huge amount of plastic could be recycled. I did some research and found out that shrink wrap is fantastic because it is high quality plastic. It can be recycled completely if you bag it up neatly. The company that wrapped your boat can unwrap it, too. Ask if recycling is something they do. Maybe for this reason, even my Dad will consider it next season.

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