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Fright to Repair - January 15, 2018

Did you get a new phone for Christmas? I dropped mine and the screen shattered. I had another one from the same generation that didn’t work. So, being mechanically inclined and materialistically conservative, I thought I would swap parts to make one good phone out of two bad ones.

But before I could even take them apart, I needed to order the special tools. Then, watch several YouTube videos. Then, I was careful and successful not to damage any of the numerous interlaced delicate parts only to find that the parts were not interchangeable after all.

I resigned to bring it to a store. I made it through the barrage of salespeople pressuring me to buy a new phone only to discover that a third party repair shop was what I had to seek out next. The shop charges 1/3 the cost of a new phone just for diagnosis. Well, I got it fixed this time, but now I am very afraid of the next time.

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