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Happy Sustainability and the Angry Travel Ban - February 04, 2017

Recently, I was outraged by the US travel ban on 7 countries of muslin majority. I need not to exacerbate the subject by sharing my political views here, but I do think this subject touches the concept of sustainability.

No matter what is to be sustained, sustainability is about harmonious systems. It cannot be achieved by creating artificial barriers, physical or political, between “us” and “them”. So, we cannot sustain future generations if we don’t learn to cooperate, help each other in times of crisis, and exercise solidarity. We cannot sustain a culture of peace if we deem people undesirable because of their country of origin and religion.

I hope, with these few words, it will be understood that the concept of sustainability is not only about recycling and saving resources. It is also about the right for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without denying other people the same.

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