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Holy Night Nervous Light - December 15, 2016

Of all days I thought I never will lament
were the tranquil glow of the white-hot filament

Enter now the LED light.
Though colors vivid
and wonderfully bright,
their 60 Hertz flickering
makes me livid!
It just isn’t right!

Marketed trustingly into the consumers hand
with circuitry and quality gone unplanned,
supplied in quantity from a third world land
and though LED efficiency is far superior,
their flickering frequency on my house’s exterior
annoys me so much, I declare them inferior!
Now so much illumination for holiday and leisure
Is fit for triggering a migraine or seizure!

Okay, Okay, I’ve looked away.
Steady light is my desire.
and plea to the maker, if I may,
to add a rectifier.
I, for one, am willing to pay.

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