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Junk Mail Forever - October 15, 2016

What do we do to stop junk mail from filling our mailboxes? I have diligently called and emailed the senders, asking them, "Please help save the Earth and stop sending unsolicited mail to my home!".

So far, I have realized that when I email them, nothing happens. When I call, the person who answers is usually nice and reassures me that they will remove my name from their Do-Not-Mail list.

The national Do-Not-Call policy is well-known but I had never known that companies develop their own Do-Not-Mail lists. It still takes several calls to permanently get off their Do-Not-Mail lists and some companies still continued to send their mail for well over a year.

Now, one of my last calls has left me dumbfounded. The person who answered said that I CANNOT get off their Do-Not-Mail list because the mail is sent to my address and not to my name (it shows "Preferred Customer" as the addressee). I said that when I get off the Do-Not-Call list, it is my number that gets off, not my name, so, it should be the same for a mailing address. I didn't win and continue to receive this big company's solicitation mail every other week! Oh, well, at least, they don't make any false claims of being environmentally friendly.

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