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Welcome is a free utility calculator that can estimate the consumption of energy and water within your home.

Welcome to SavvyOnWaste

Are you aware of how much of your home expenses are due to a vehicle, a garden, or a heater?

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Through your home data, SavvyOnWaste assesses your utility consumption of:
  - water and electricity,
  - fuels such as gasoline, natural gas,
    LPG, heating oil, diesel and ethanol.

A report gives you tips to reduce waste and improve efficiency within your home. As an outcome, you save money and help the environment.

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Give It a Try!

You can enter the utility calculator as a guest, or login / register as a user.

It is Easy to Use

It takes just 4 steps to generate a report that could help you uncover your saving opportunities.

SavvyOnWaste is easy to use

Each of the calculator 4 steps has a friendly interface so you can get the results report in just a few minutes.

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Also, get more! Besides the calculator, visit our Eco-Musing page for new insights, or share yours using the Photo Gallery.

Finally, learn more about your consumption in the Curiosities, Magnitude Scales and Bills Log pages.

Welcome to SavvyOnWasteTip
of the
Prefer using fluorescent or LED lamps over incandescent or halogen.
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